Saturday, December 20, 2008

BLOG Design is FUN!!

On Friday I was stuck at my group home, with no place to go and nothing to do...because of the ice storm staff could not relieve me... I got my client all warm and toasty.. and content taking a nap and I set off to work...Being blogger and an avid blog hopper...probably more blog hopper than blogger... but I always love to look at all the creative backgrounds on the blogs... the really cute once usually come from one certain website... Well I started thinking what if I used Aimee Asher clip art... I could have the cutest blog on the block!!So I sat here and did my research... the html code I needed and the size of the images and such... I created sized or recolored and re posted until I got it just right!! And I did it!!If you'd like to check it out...CLICK HERE to check it out!!I am so excited I am ready to make another new one...


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here is one of the fun shots we took last week!! I just love it!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel....

Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

Tis this season to be...just adorable....
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

Isn't this picture of Abby just too cute...?

I know Abby is going to hate this one when she is a teenager...

Abby is now 6 months old!! And sitting up...well almost that is.. she will balance for a few minutes then over she goes!!

Our Thanksgiving was nice... We had Eric, Jolene and Angel, Christy, Tory, Brent and Abby, Nila and Gene, Angela and myself... Melissa had to work... so she had gone earlier in the day and ate with Tory, Brent and Abby at Brent's family dinner... We had lots of yummy food and I wanted to play games...but after dinner I was too tired... so I plopped my bum on the couch and watched TV... Everyone was tired too... so it was fine....

Saturday we had a photo fest... I set up the black back drop in the basement and I took over 700 photos... of what you ask... several shots of every configuration of people and pets... Christy and Melissa & Angel, Christy and Angel, Melissa and Goober, Christy and Duchess, Tory, Abby, Angel, Melissa and Christy... you get the idea... Then we did Tory, Abby and Brent.... I have not even had the time to look at ALL the shots... I obviously looked at the ones that popped out at me!! During the week I had to create 5 Christmas cards for family and friends, so that kept me a bit busy... Those creations will be posted on my meginmo blog!!

If the weather stays like it has been the past week, we should have a white Christmas... It can get as cold as it wants to this year... I have a wood stove in my basement and it keeps my home so warm and toasty....My house temp on the average is 73*... sometimes it gets too warm!! I have a good friend that supplies me with firewood... We are trading family photos for fire wood... works for me!! I just have to get Melissa to help me keep it going... She is getting better at it!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Puthing the "thanks" back into Thanksgiving

For a fun activity this Thanksgiving see how many different languages can you say thank you in......Match as many countries with the correct thank you...

1. South Africa
2. Syria
3. Ghana
4. Afghanistan
5. Greece
6. Israel
7. Iceland
8. Thailand
9. Madagascar
10. Vietnam
11. Zimbabwe
12. Philippines

Thank You
a. Cám ón
b. Mamnuun
c. Salamat
d. Ngeyabonga
e. Meda wo ase
f. Takk
g. Toda
h. Khawp khun
i. Dankie
j. Tashakkur
k. Sas efharisto
l. Misaotra

If you need help the answers are below... if you want to get the pronunciation correct here is a website that will help you... "Say Thank You"

I want to take this opportunity to say tasjakkur to everyone in my life, my friends, my family, my staff, my clients and their parents... Thank you to each and everyone who is a part of my life!!

Have young ones that need an activity... click on the turkey and it open the pictures large enough for a coloring page!!

Love You All!!

ANSWERS: 1.i, 2.b, 3.e, 4.j, 5.k, 6.g, 7.f, 8.h, 9.l, 10.a, 11.d, 12.c.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Oprah Show!!

Yes!!! I ran away from home again. Before I had even left for Houston Beth had called me to tell me that she had acquired tickets to the Oprah Show for the middle of November. I was so excited to go... Who knows it could have been her "favorite things" show... Right!!!!???

The rough part for me was that on Friday, Nov. 14, the State of Missouri was scheduled to come in and inspect my group home. So the whole previous week and a half was spent cleaning and organizing the home and the mass of paperwork required to have for each resident. I had NO idea of what to expect, and that was nerve wracking. I wasn't sure how clean the house needed to be... I was knew the home needed some of the cleaning done that doesn't get done regularly like under the stove and fridge... Cleaning the cobwebs that magically appear when you aren't looking.. Then early on the Wednesday before I am to leave, Beth calls me to tell me that the Oprah Show had called her and they had to cancel taping on the day we were scheduled to go. After discussing the options with Beth, we decide that if I can cancel my flight and come in January I should do that. Later on in the day while was up to my elbows in deep cleaning, I see that my clients bed was literally falling apart... I quickly make a phone call to Gene and he comes right over and saves the day and the bed. In the middle of me helping Gene fix the bed Beth calls all in a panic about how the Oprah Show had called back to see if we want to go to the taping a day earlier and to see if I had called to change my ticket. I hadn't so all is good and we now are scheduled to see a taping of the Oprah Show!!!! Now I can get back to getting ready for State. After several long days of preparing and longer nights of worrying, Friday arrives along with the State inspector... He was here for 3 hours... checking documentation and finding errors that were not found during my medical audit done last month. I made a few minor corrections while he as here. So in the end I only had 3 minor infractions keeping me from getting my 2 year license. The three minor things were all taken care of by Monday. Jolene went ahead and made the copies and faxed everything to the inspector... My client went home for several days to spend some quality time with her family... so I was really able to relax and have fun in Chicago....

I was up and out the door to the airport by 6:30 AM, Sunday morning. I made it just the right time to the airport... enough time to get my shoes back on and reorganize my stuff after getting thru security... and relax for a few minutes before they started boarding...I love flying out of KC it is such an easy airport... The plane was full and I sat next to a really nice elderly man and his wife sat behind us... I told them I would move so his wife could sit next to him... but they said it was okay... His son is a pilot for Southwest so they fly for free and they fly a lot. Beth was there outside baggage claim when I arrived... we don't greet the plane anymore... it is much faster this way... We headed off to go SHOPPING...the sad part it that I love to go the food stores while I am in Chicago....I bought some pretzel bread and some brie cheese because I was hungry... yummy it was so good!! We also went to Cost Plus World Market... and Ikea. I found lots of fun things for Abby in Ikea... I always find all sorts of fun things for Abby where ever I go... Abby is very auditory... she loves things that make noise... so I got her a duck that goes, quack,quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. I also got her one of those toys that make the mooooo sound when you turn it upside down then right side up.... I got her some bibs, 2 different eating sets.... now that she is on solids...

Beth's mother-in-law and her friend were driving in from Indiana, so we had to be back at Beth's house before they got there....we made it! So that night we ate dinner...visited and headed to bed because we had to be up and out the door by 5:00 am... we had to be at the Harpo Studios before 7:00 am... and Chicago traffic is much like S. CA... you NEVER know how long it is going to take you to where you want to go... We arrived at the studio at 6:15am... and we sat for a few minutes and then I got bored and we went to go check things out we found that we could get in... We all left out cell phones in the car, because you can't take ANY type of recording device into the taping... they even search your purse. Then they send you into a room to wait with the other 300 people. Right before they send in the main crowd... they will call people they pick... Beth and I think they just pick the pretty people to sit down close to the stage... I got stuck in the nose bleed section, behind a camera on an electric boom... so I could only see 1/2 the stage.I could see Oprah and she really is pretty... Her butt is really is HUGE. I was surprised on how big it really is... During the taping, I just about fell asleep a couple of times. The topic was spirituality... which HEY I get it! I don't need any help in that area... so I was not really happy with the topic... the show will be aired on 1/7/2009.... I want to go again because the next topic has got to be better. You are only suppose to go once a year... but Beth registered me as Meg and herself as Beth... we are going to register as Mary and Elizabeth.... who knows it may work!! After the taping we went across the street to the Oprah Store... Now I know how she made all her billions... it's by selling over priced things in her store... I did break down and I bought myself a long sleeve T-shirt for $24!! When we were done shopping we walked around the neighborhood and found a cute little Italian restaurant and had lunch... it was delicious... When we got back to Beth's her mother-in-law and her friend left to drive back home...right after they left it started snowing really hard...almost white out conditions..thankfully they made it home okay... I was so tired I had a hard time keeping my eyes open... I finally gave up and went to bed around 8pm. Tuesday I got up and Beth and I went and did some more shopping... we went to the Crate and Barrel outlet store.... the Tiger Direct outlet store... and my favorite Chicago store Caputto's... a very large grocery store that carries food from all over the world... I got my favorite bocaccini's little balls of fresh mozzarella cheese balls... I got some other yummy foods to bring home. I had bought a "green" bag from Trader Joe's and it was full of food stuff... fresh baked breads, my cheeses, and other things.... We went home packed bag and I headed to the airport... The plane was packed... and it was announced that every seat was full. So I decided the first open spot for my backpack in an overhead bin... I would take it. About the 4th row in I find a spot for my backpack... and this really nice looking man helps me and then asks me to sit next to him. He told me that since the plane was so full he wanted to pick who he sat next to.... He as very good looking and nice too. We talked the whole flight... and he was married with 4 kids... bummer!! Nice to know I still got it!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Few Words

I saw this on Nicole's blog and thought that it would be fun... Each question must be answered with only ONE word... for someone who like a lot of words... can I do it?

1. Where is your cell phone? upstairs
2. Where is your significant other? gone
3. Your hair? up
4. Your mother? missed
5. You father? missing
6. Your favorite thing? technology
7. Your dream last night? avocados

8. Your dream/goal? artist
9. The room you're in? family-room
10. Your hobby? creativity
11. Your fear? pain
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? relationship
13. Where were you last night? sleeping
14. What you're not? mean
15. One of your wish list items? sewing-machine
16. Where you grew up? california
17. The last fun thing you did? oprah
18. What you're wearing? jeans
19. Your TV? off
20. Your pet? home
21. Your computer? sleeping
22. What do you think of tags like this? interesting
23. Your mood? relaxed
24. Missing someone? family
25. Where would you rather be? here
26. Something you're not wearing right now? shoes
27. Favorite store? ikea
28. Your summer? busy
29. Love someone? looking
30. Favorite color? blue
31. The last time you laughed? lunch
32. Who will participate? family

This concludes my Few Words blog... it isn't as easy as it looks. Give it a try!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

SER-EN-DIP-I-TY Saturday

ser·en·dip·i·ty (sěr'ən-dĭp'ĭ-tē) noun
Etymology: from its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip Date: 1754
1. the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for ; also : an instance of this

The sky is overcast... the temperature outside is very COLD... in the 30's... Today is the perfect day get a load of laundry going and then sit on the couch and watch a romantic comedy... one of my favorites is Serendipity staring John Cusack and Kate Beckensale... The perfect romantic comedy. I have been wanting to watch it... land just last night as I was heading to bed I happened to click on the TV guide button and happen to see that is was coming on at midnight... so I clicked the record button and went to bed knowing that in the morning I would have a fun movie to watch!! Now that was serendipitous!!


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Better Late Than NEVER

Happy Halloween!!

Here is Abby... our precious little lambkin....

I'm Home from HOUSTON!!!

I had a blast!! For ya’ll that don’t know why I went…. Last Christmas Frank, my bro-in-law, gave for Christmas Beth, my sister, airfare for us BOTH to attend this years International Quilt Festival in Houston!! The funny part is that I don’t quilt…I have tried and failed… I enjoy fabric and stitching so this it was tons of fun… We flew in on Wed, Oct 29th… and thru better luck than management Beth and I met up at the car rental terminal… Houston’s airport is HUGE… trains from terminal to terminal…. Beth flew in to Terminal A and I flew into Terminal B. So we were very luck to meet up quickly… Once we got on the road we checked into our hotel…dropped off our bags and made a b-line for the show….

Wednesday (Day 1) - For 5 hours we walked the isles and checked out the vendors….there were approximately 900 vendors…. The first day we got thru 2/3d’s of the vendors… As I was checking out the vendors and I found one that had TONS of Tammy DeYoung stuff... Hmmm could this be Tammy's booth.... could Tammy actually be here at the show.... I look over at the gal running the booth... could she be Tammy? OH my... my heart starts racing and my palms get sweaty.... I wait for the booth to empty... I ask the gal... Are you Tammy? She replies, "Yes I am", (add a cute Texas twang when reading)... I was so proud of my self I didn't jump and down and scream.... I did let her know that I am one of her biggest fans and have been for years....and I did ask her to take her pic with me... see below...I have been a fan of hers since I first started borrowing her patterns from my sis-in-law.... then I fell in love with her clipart at PCcrafter...
I have to say that Tammy is one of the nicest (previous) PCcrafter artists I have ever met...okay she is the only one I have met....But honestly she is so sweet... I think she may think I am a stalker because I did go and see her 3 times while I was at the Quilt Show.... each time she was extremely nice...and I didn't even buy anything.... opps I forgot too. We left the show ate dinner and came back. We both wanted good Mexican food… we found okay Mexican food at Ninfa's, at the Houston Center….a mall in the bottom 3 floors of a skyscraper. Yes I brought my camera and I have been taking pictures…. After we ate we went back to the convention center and continued shopping…. We closed the place down!!
Thursday (Day 2) – We first finished checking out the rest of the vendors then we headed over to the quilt show. WOW!! There are some amazing quilts… there are some pretty ugly ones too. When I could take pictures I took some pictures of the ones I liked…. I also took close-up shots of design elements that I could see as digital art…. For lunch/dinner we walked back over to the Houston Center and went to the Long Horn Café and had a GREAT hamburger. The soda cups were Texas size… like as big as ½ quart!! HUGE!!... Man was I full when we left… I was glad we went back to the show and walked some more… we finished the quilt show and then we went back to the vendors…. When we left the show we were diving back to the hotel and I see Rice’s Epicurean Market… (Gourmet market)! Beth and I have found that we both LOVE poking around gourmet markets… When we were done at Rice’s and headed back to the hotel…I noticed across there was another market… so we headed there…OH MY!! This market was fabulous…. It was called Central Market and we spent 1.5 hours going thru each section… the produce section alone was the largest I have EVER seen… it had every type of veggie or fruit you could think of…they even had miniature summer squash and zucchinis… When we came to the bakery we sampled so many types of freshly baked breads…the number of samples made Sam’s Club look cheap!! We decided to pick out a dessert from the dessert side of the bakery!! I picked Crème Brule…and Beth pick Chocolate Raspberry Truffle… I loved mine… Beth ate the whole thing, but won’t get it again…. When we were done…we fell into bed and crashed…

Friday (Day 3) – We headed back to the quilt show to poke around the venders again… Hey there is approx 900 vendors… we might have missed a few… and we did. We would ask each other do you remember this booth… I purchased a few more items. I went into Little Stitches and the owner, Debbie, reads my name tag and she asks, “Do you have any relatives in CA!” I smile big and reply…”Karen Abreu is my sister-in-law!”. I knew she would know Karen from all the time she spent at Calico Station in San Marcos. She asked me to share with Karen that she misses seeing you!! I also went into Bit’s and Pieces by Joan…love her stuff too!! I have decided the next quilt I attempt, the key word being…attempt, will be a woolie quilt. With the hand appliqué squares… I saw several that I really loved…. Today we actually left the show before it was closed… we headed back to Central Market to buy food for our dinner tonight and lunches for Saturday… We spent another 1.5 hours making decisions… We got some apples, and a loaf of sour dough bread, some REAL butter, some nice dry salami, some really delicious thinly sliced Montreal seasoned rare eye of round roast beef, some tomato boccachini & basil salad, some couscous with mint, spinach and goat cheese, brie cheese, peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies… that was for lunch. For dinner we got salads from the salad bar, I got some baked potato soup… a crusty Baggett to eat with my soup… and of course dessert again… This time I chose a lemon meringue cupcake… and Beth got a slice of Italian Cream Cake… both were yummy… We also found a $3 insulated bag to keep all our yummy food in….we rolled out full tummies into bed early…. We have a long day tomorrow

Saturday (Day 4) – We had to be up and out the door early this morning… Today is CLASS DAY! We are both signed up to take full day classes. I am taking the “Market Basket” class and Beth took the “Photos, Fabrics and Words”. The morning part of my basket class was very frustrating… at the beginning of the class the teacher says to relax that this class is not for those who are perfectionist… I sigh a big sigh of relief… because I am NOT a perfectionist… but as the class goes on I sure wish I was a tad bit more of a perfectionist… I am stringing the bottom of my basket and it is too loose… so I start to go back and tighten it… moving the looseness to the ends… then POP the round reed breaks… I have to take extra time and fix it…. Now I am behind and getting more and more frustrated…. The bottom of the basket has these cute little feet that are part if the design… and I am thinking my basket it NEVER going to turn out looking like the example… I continue to weave and created….My tablemate… Kaitlyn is from Houston and is a CPA and a very encouraging person… we hit is off right away… and we talk and talk and talk…. Early on I see that I forgot my towel… she tells me no problem she has an extra… Since she was so sweet I invite her to come and eat my gourmet lunch with me and Beth… I tell her it’s from Central Market and she doesn’t hesitate and says “Yes! Thank You!”. It’s finally noon and we break for lunch… We enjoy a nice lunch out in the open air patio… the weather here has been just beautiful. Beth brings another friend she has met up with to have lunch with us too… so we all just sit and chat…. After lunch Kaitlyn and I head back to our class and get back to work… I am feeling much more confident in my basket making… I can see my little basket legs starting to form… I am chatting and weaving… The day progresses fast… and it takes me an hour longer than the class to get my basket completed… We help the teacher clean up and decide where we want to eat dinner… Kaitlyn suggests a restaurant called Tortilla Lupe… and I invite her and her husband to join us… I ordered Cheekin Lupe … it was so good. Beth had Carne Asada and she wasn’t happy with it… I told the waitress it was Beth’s birthday and they came and put a sombrero on her head and sung Happy Birthday to her in Spanish… I don’t think she really enjoyed it!! She was good about it anyway!!

Sunday (Day 5) – No specific plans today! We get up slowly and decided that we want to head over to Galveston to see the beach and the devastation from Ike. We were very surprised that we were able to get over to the island. The devastation was amazing, there are still sailboats sitting next to the highway. The beaches are strewn with debris… We were able to walk along the shoreline. But you would see doors, and other items deposited there by the storm. We drove up and down the strand just looking in awe at what Ike did… By late afternoon we were ready to head back to Houston. But on the way back we saw a Ross Dress for Less. I had forgotten how much I love that store. I found a toy for Angel and 2 outfits for Abby. We also saw a Garden Ridge store and made a run thru it to see what it had… We quit shopping because we decided we were hungry… we hadn’t eaten so we found a Mexican restaurant, Poppasita’s and had dinner… I had fish tacos and Beth had fajitas… we were so full when we were done… we rolled back over to hotel and started getting ready for the crack of dawn departure…

Now I am home and right back into the everyday grind!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I did...did you arememner to vote?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Unexpected Good-byes are HARD!!

This morning I was awoken by a phone call that a high school classmate and friend of Christy and Tory had been killed in a car accident last night... The young man that was killed was Christy's first boyfriend when we moved to Missouri... they remained friends thru middle school and high school. Christy also had the opportunity to tutor him in Algebra in high school. Since graduation they have kept in touch with each other... I was worried about telling Christy. She took the news fairly well this morning... But, I was not surprised when I received a call and when I answered my phone I heard my daughter at the other end crying, saying..."It's hit me Mom...", we talked for a few until she felt better...

All day long I felt the strongest urge to reach out to each of my children... and let them know that I love them... it made me think about my relationship with each of them. Do they know I love them? Not just love them because they are my child... but I love the person that they are? I did speak with most of my children today.... I've had a hard time focusing on my daily duties today... My mind would wander to the young man's family and all the things they would be having to do and emotions that they would be going thru. I thought about Christy and would wonder how she was doing...

This afternoon I was blog hopping and I stumbled on a very special blog... as I read the entry I didn't under stand what it meant... Here is what it said...

Grab your kleenex. Send the kids outside. Open your mind and your heart and

go here for a very uplifting experience.

At first I didn't notice the link... then I clicked on it. Wow!! What a message!! The perfect message for the day I am having!! Oh how I cried.... then I felt a peace come over me!! I remembered what I have been taught!! I feel so much better about the whole situation!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Softball... Christy.... and... Abby


This past week has been busy... Melissa had a traveling softball team tournament down in Overland Park, Kansas...that she participated in. Her team, the Cobras, played in 5 games. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Melissa played center field... her all time favorite position. She loves to catch fly balls... especially if she has to make a diving catch... one of these days I will get a picture of her doing it... I usually get caught up in the game and forget to take the picture... Melissa really has some talent. She's already had a college scout come and look at her and another girl on her school team. Melissa is getting known for her arm... She can catch a ball in center field and from center field thrown the ball home and make the out! This weekend she caught a fly ball and threw the ball home and hit the runner in the head... good thing the runner was wearing her helmet... it was an amazing throw!


Christy drove over from Columbia to watch Melissa play softball... Watching the young girls play softball made Christy feel old. She played on a traveling team when she was Melissa's age. The first couple of innings she just sat and watched... then she really got into the game!! Christy brought Dutchess with her... The sign at the park entry says NO PETS... But we brought her in with us and just kept her right by us. Since having her 2 litters of puppies and then getting spayed... she really is a VERY good dog... One park employee told Christy that she had to take her out... But Christy talked him into letting her keep her in the park.... Melissa and I really enjoyed having Christy with us at the games... During the games I just take pictures... I go inside the fence and stand in the press box they chalk out, so I can get good pictures. During the first game I almost got his by a foul ball that went by so fast I didn't even see it... the first base coach did the get out of it's way dance so I followed his lead... I was told that the ball missed my rear end by maybe an inch.... whew... that would have hurt!!
and....ABBY (5 months) All Dress up for HALLOWEEN

Tory had called earlier in the week and asked if I would watch Abby while she went to a lecture Monday night... Since I would all ready be in Maryville I told her I would. Christy drove over later to help me... While I was there Tory wanted me to take some picture of Abby in her Halloween costume... she looked so adorable... We were having so much fun just the 4 of us Tory decided to ditch her lecture and stay home with us... I made stuffed pasta shells, spinach salad and garlic bread for dinner. Yummy!! Tory and I had to go shopping so I could make dinner... Abby had gone down for a nap so Christy volunteered to stay at the apartment while we ran to Wal-Mart... When we arrive at Wal-Mart Tory notices that she has 2 cell phones... She has hers and Christy's GREAT!! We hope Abby does not wake up while we are gone!! We get what we needed and head home... as we walk in the door we hear Abby crying... and Christy is walking out of her bedroom with her... Christy did GREAT with Abby... she figured out how to change her diaper and everything... and Abby only has 2 legs and no fur!! Christy was NOT happy when she figured out she didn't have a cell phone... Tory made Abby a bottle and when she was in a happy mood she put her in her Halloween costume and we started taking pictures.... We had so much fun with her!! Tory says that I can not postthe pictures until Halloween... So I am bein good and not posting them on my blog!!

After dinner, Tory looked thru the pictures and picked out some that she wanted to get some prints of... and this time we all packed up and headed to Wal-Mart, good thing it's very close to Tory's apartment. Christy and I walked around keeping Abby happy while Tory got her prints... When we got back to Tory's, Christy and I had fun playing with Abby... We would talk to her in these really deep voices and she would just laugh at us... so then we would laugh at her... We did this for a long time. When it got late I headed home because I had to sleep at the group home. so ... Christy spent the night at Tory's. Christy said that Abby laughed at her deep voice in the morning too... so now we know how to make her laugh... at least this month!!
Okay I have a question to the Mom's and Grandma's what do you think I should do? Should I buy Angel the "Hanna Montana Costume"... that is $20 at Wal-Mart or should I spend a few more dollars and get her a pair of sparkly jeans and a cool Hanna Montana long sleeve t-shirt that she can wear all winter long? I keep vacillating on being a fun what the heck grandma and being the thrifty grandma... While Christy and I were walking around Wal-Mart and I showed her the costume vs. the outfit and she was NO help at all!! The really hard part is that I know Angel needs some winter clothes and it would be helping Eric and Jolene out.... with Halloween just around the corner I need to decide!! HELP!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CK Convention in Kansas City !!

A few months ago I saw that Creating Keepsakes Convention was coming to Kansas City...on October 10-11th!! Since I don't have a friend that is creative in the same areas that I am... in fact I don't know a person in Albany that actually scrapbooks or does a paper crafting.... I knew I would be going alone.... and I was okay with that... I know my moto is the more the merrier... but I also like to spend time alone with myself... When I went to the CK website to find out the details I noticed they were looking for volunteers... Cool... idea! VOLUNTEER get in for FREE and the get inside scoop!! But wait! As I scrolled down the page... an announcement from vendors looking for HELP!! Even better.... get in for FREE... work the convention and get PAID!! I emailed several vendors... and Suzanne from the Eyelet Outlet answered first.... and I am so glad she did.... I had a GREAT time. Suzanne did not come to the show... she sent Lisa. I really had an enjoyable time... I spent 2 days showing ladies and a few gents... how to set an eyelet with just a ball point pen... if you are a crafter you know that you usually have to use a hammer and eyelet setter to set an eyelet. Suzanne has created a new type of eyelet called Quicklets, that only needs a ball point pen to set it... Go to her website and check it out... Not only does Eyelet outlet have cool eyelets she has a TON of cool brads....

One of the best things about going to the Convention is all the deals you get... I got my Score Pal, Bind it All and a ton of brads and eyelets below cost...

I was so tired Friday night... I went to a Mexican food restaurant and ordered my dinner to go... I was so busy all day long I never ate lunch... so I was STARVING... I went back to my room... got comfy... and devoured my dinner.... then I just went to bed!! Saturday I demonstrated Quicklets all day long... Helped Lisa pack up the booth and headed home...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My New Toy

I am so excited!! Today while at work... I took my client... (I have to change her name... HIPPA rules...) Justine to exercise, then we went on a little adventure to a second hand store... and on the way there I took a wrong turn had to circle the block and when I did I found a new pawn shop. When we were done at the second hand store we went to the pawn shop... Justine loves to look around at stores... as long as we make it to Wal-Mart so she can look at the DVDs that is... And there sitting on the shelf was a Classic Kitchen Aide Mixer... looking BRAND NEW and under $50... I grabbed that puppy and took it up to the counter and asked the clerk to plug it in so I could have a test drive... Oh how she purred like a kitten, from the lowest speed to the fastest!! I pulled out my debit card and bought my new toy... She did not come with 2 of the mixing attachments... but I knew that I had some from my old kitchen aide that has been dead for a number of years and sitting in storage...Some would not call this a toy... but to me it is!! I get to go out to MY kitchen... which I am still so GRATEFUL to have and create a culinary yummy!! My fist run with my new toy was the Abreu Family favorite cookie... the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie... The recipe I make I received from Marilyn Bowers.... back in the early 80's. This recipe makes a ton of soft chewy delicious cookies.... a true classic

Soft Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

From the Kitchen of : Marilyn Bowers

2 Cups Salad oil
1 1/2 Cups white sugar
1 1/2 Cups light brown sugar
4 Eggs (one at a time)
2 tsp Vanilla
3 Cups All purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt
4 Cups quick cooking oats
1 12oz Pkg of Chocolate chips
1 1/2 Cups chopped nuts (optional)

Put oil in vary large bowl, and add sugars. Mix well. Add in eggs one at a time, add vanilla and blend well. Sift flour, soda and salt together in separate bowl. Add to wet mixture slowly and mix until well blended. Add oats and mix well, stir in chocolate chips and nuts. Drop by spoon fulls on to greased cookie sheets. bake at 375* for 8-10 minutes

Monday, October 06, 2008

Meet Our Angel!!

Meet our Angel... Angel belongs to Jolene and Eric. I went to her soccer game last Saturday and took pictures of her playing. For this being her first year in soccer she is doing rather well... She is so cute every time the ball goes out of bounds she throws her hands up in the air... no need for a ref to blow a whistle...just watch Angel she'll let you know!! I actually got a picture of her doing it... I sometimes for get to lift my camera up when watching the game, but this time I GOT it!!... She is a little scrapper qwhen she plays... she got right in there even with the big boys!! When she is older and really understands the concept of the game she will be quite good...Angel is a joys to have around... she is 6 going on 26.... very articulate and smart too!! She is in 1st grade but reading at a higher level... I need to take some more time with her and get the Nana bonding time going... time... any one a spare cup that I can barrow???

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Little Miss Abby Turns 4 Months

I made a little video of the pictures I like that Tory and I took last week in honor of Little Miss Abby truning 4 months old!!


A Few of My Favorite FALL Things

  1. Caramel Apples

  2. NEW crop of crisp apples

  3. Warm cozy sweaters
  4. Cool crisp mornings and warm afternoons

  5. Smell of leaves burning

  6. the brilliant colors of leaves changing
  7. Scarecrows decorating yards

  8. Mums

  9. Pumpkin patches

  10. Pumpkin Rolls...yummy

  11. Hot cocoa in the evenings

  12. Craft fairs

  13. Halloween decorations

  14. Thanksgiving
  15. My birthday
  16. Baking goodies
This is a few of the things I love about fall... There are a few things I still miss about living in So CA... and one is going up to Julian in the fall. I can remember piling the kids into the van and having to scold them into getting on long pants and to bring a sweater... because when we would leave home it would be hot outside... but when we got to Julian the temperature would be much cooler... I loved going into all the little shops and looking around... We would always have a piece of apple pie before we left Julian... If any of my kids read this... What is your favorite memory of going to Julian? I'd really love to hear about them!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My New BLUE Table....

After a busy birthday week... wish it was full of R&R, but it was full of work and softball games!! For my birthday I did get 2 FULL days off in a row!! Ange went home on Sat morning and won't come home until this afternoon... After I dropped Ange off at her home on Sat morning I spent the rest of my day at a softball tournament... watching Melissa. The weather was HOT! The first 2 games it was okay because there was shade and there a nice breeze... the third game didn't start until 3:30pm and the breeze was all but gone and the shade had moved so you couldn't see the game if you sat in it... so for 1.5 hours I sat in the hot sun.... That evening Nila and Gene made a birthday dinner for Jolene and me. (Jolene's b-day is 9/26 - same as Curtis') It was really nice to eat a meal that I didn't cook or have to pay for!! I was suppose to go dancing with the girls at band night... but after dinner I came home and fell asleep waiting for the dryer to dry my clothes... does that mean I am getting old?

Sunday was pretty quiet... but I was still in the exhausted mode... that is what happens when I have time off... I have a HUGE list of things I want to get done... but I end up getting NOTHING done... but R&R that is... I sat on the couch and watched chick flicks... I kept telling myself as soon as this movie is over I will get up and work on some project... never happened... until Tory , Brent and Abby showed up.... They brought me my Bday present... a little history first...

  1. My favorite color is blue.
  2. I collect blue and white china
  3. Tory and I stopped at a garage sale last week and I saw this beautiful old table painted blue...

Well....Tory and Brent bought me the blue table... I let is sit in the living room until I decided where I wanted it... I finally moved it to the dinning room last night to try it out... this morning I brought in my spider plant from the back patio and dug out some of my nick nakcs from the old house and set up my table... in it's permanent home.... THANK YOU so much Tory and Brent I really.... really love my table... doesn't it look good where it is at... I really am having fun turning my house into MY HOME!!

This morning is nice and quiet.... I was sitting here on my couch contemplating all the things I have to get done today... watching a rerun of 3rd Watch... I looked up and noticed the beautiful scene out my front window... as I sat here looking out the window... I thought that is just so pretty I should snap a picture... and there on my coffee table sat my camera.... so I grabbed it and snapped.... the fall colors of the leaves is what first caught my eye. The breeze was blowing the leaves so the colors were all convoluted together to make the beautiful shade I call FALL!

Okay.. gotta go!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

27 things I love about you!!

Happy Birthday Curtis!!
In honor of your 27th Birthday I decided to compile a list of 27 things I love about you!

  1. You are Smart

  2. Very good looking

  3. You love your wife

  4. You are very talented with computers

  5. You are very responsible

  6. You are very helpful when I call with my "Computer Issues"

  7. You survived CANCER

  8. You are honest and have integrity

  9. You are a hard worker

  10. You support your wife in her endeavours

  11. You love your fireworks...

  12. You have GREAT taste in women (I love you too Stef!!)

  13. You are helpful when you visit me

  14. You are an awesome Uncle to Abby

  15. You are an awesome brother... to all your brothers and sisters

  16. You babysat A LOT when you were a kid!!

  17. You're and Indigo Child

  18. You were such a good baby... and a fun little boy!

  19. You are a math whiz...

  20. You are easy going

  21. You love rock and roll and always have!!

  22. You love your gaming...

  23. You have wisdom and patience

  24. You answer your phone when I call... and you know all I have is a computer question!

  25. You drive while you are visiting me... to give me a break!!

  26. You love your Mom!

  27. And, mostly because... You are You!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


BLOG JUMPING is my new past time!! I love it!! Here is how you do it... go to one of your regular blogs... jump to one of their links... and continue on... and on and on....

This week while BLOG JUMPING I have:
1. Found a friend I have not talked to in over 32 years...
2. Met a gal who just lost her best friend Burkitt's Lymphoma... that's the same cancer Curtis had...
3. I have left little notes on other people's blogs...letting them know what I liked about their blog... Passing it forward!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Fall

The days are growing shorter.... the morning air is cool and crisp... the golden rod is blooming and I am sneezing A LOT... Besides the sneezing I do love Missouri in the fall. The sky becomes so blue against the colors of the changing leaves... it's just so picturesque. The scarecrow is in my front yard... I just planted the mums and I can't wait for them to bloom... I have a yellow, a purple and an orange. I have some pumpkins I painted I need to dig out and add the my little fall display. For those who are interested there are some pictures of my living room. I painted it a calming but friendly green. The old winds against the wall are going to be picture frames for pictures of my kids and the big leaded window will be hung above the couch. Melissa keeps bugging me to get the pictures hung.... I think she wants the house to look more like our home.... I need to get an area rug for the living room too. But they are expensive so I will have to wait for that... Since the previous tenants FINALLY moved all of their stuff out of the basement I have been busy cleaning and and organizing the basement. The other day I went into the scariest spot in my home... under the basement stairs... The cobwebs were thick. I got the shop vac and they all disappeared... along with several crickets. During the cleaning I found an antique oval frame with an antique picture of a little girl. The frame and picture have been under there for a long long time.... The house is only about 35 years old, so the picture was put there by a previous tenant... I know the family that moved into the house when it was brand new. I will ask them first if the picture is theirs... Okay here are the pictures of my living room...

This view is from the dining room looking into the living room. I want to find an antique or vintage dresser to put the TV on. The floors are lighter than they photographed...

This is the front door and entry area... I need to recover those chairs...

This is the view from the front can see my large leaded window. The window was pulled out of an old house in Darlington, MO before is was distroyed. I just love it. Just think of all the stories that window could tell if we could look through it and see what it witnessed... That sounds like the beginning of a good book or movie... hmm. Anyone know a writer?


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

#1 KC Chiefs FAN

Isn't she just too cute!! Tory came by on Sunday with Abby in her KC Chiefs cheerleader outfit. Tory and I set up a quick shoot. We grabbed her boppy and placed it in one of my wing back chairs, threw a black cloth over the whole thing.... and with Tory making a fool out of herself to get Abby to smile... I snapped pictures.... I think this was the 3rd or 4th shot!! Again... isn't she just too cute!

Photography Challenge

I found a website that has photography challenges every 2 weeks. I jumped in on this weeks challenge... to me it was a tad bit difficult to find the right shot. Here is the challenged "Contre-jour is a french term meaning "against the light". Take a photo that exploits lighting and plays with under and over-exposed areas to dramatic effect - in other words, the opposite of HDR approaches, which try to compress the range of contrast." This challenge was harder than it sounds.... I looked for days. Then yesterday afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun came out... I looked out the window and saw this bright green spot on a tree... I grabbed my camera and went outside... my initial idea didn't work out. But, I found this one before the sun was gone again. I have uploaded it to the website forum, I have not heard if I got the assignment right or not... I will let you know as soon as I do....

I think I got the right idea with this shot.... see how the sunshine makes those few leaves pop while the shade is hiding the other leaves?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 Months old.... Allready!!

BOY! How time flies.... It seemed just like last week that spring was finally here and school was coming to an end. But it's been three months and and school is back in session and we've had Abby here that long. Each day she continues to get more and more adorable... I love the picture with her tongue sticking out... a little girl with attitude... hmmm I wonder where she gets it from?

Tory had "Advantage Week" at school. Freshman orientation and such... so I picked up Abby on Thursday. Kept her all night and of course while I had her I took her 3 month portraits.... It's was hard trying to get the perfect shot by myself... Last week was fun when I was taking her pictures because I was just goofing around... I did get some cute shots this week, how could I not when Abby is so cute... Do I sound like a deranged Nana or what... I have noticed a pattern that all I have been posting are pictures of Abby. I do need to get a life don't I? Besides work and Abby that is all I do... Tonight I am going to Melissa's 1st school softball game of the season so I will take some pictures there of Mel!!

I am actually reading a book... I have had a pile of them sitting next to my bed for years waiting for me to take time to read them.... well I think I finally decided that I MUST read a book for my own sanity... When I was at Wal-Mart last week I saw the book Twilight in paperback for $8.88. Since the book is all the rage right now I decided to buy it and make time for me to read. I started it on Saturday and I actually could not put it down... I was at work so I had to, to take care of my client.... But when she was watching TV or taking a nap I was reading. No I didn't finish it in 1 day...I am taking my time. Yesterday was my 3rd day reading and I am on page 224 of 498, so not quite half way done.... I went to St. Joe on Sunday and I had to work in Maryville on Monday... so my reading time has been limited... and last night "The Closer" was on and I HAD to watch that.... I will get more reading in today...just watch!!