Monday, September 29, 2008

My New BLUE Table....

After a busy birthday week... wish it was full of R&R, but it was full of work and softball games!! For my birthday I did get 2 FULL days off in a row!! Ange went home on Sat morning and won't come home until this afternoon... After I dropped Ange off at her home on Sat morning I spent the rest of my day at a softball tournament... watching Melissa. The weather was HOT! The first 2 games it was okay because there was shade and there a nice breeze... the third game didn't start until 3:30pm and the breeze was all but gone and the shade had moved so you couldn't see the game if you sat in it... so for 1.5 hours I sat in the hot sun.... That evening Nila and Gene made a birthday dinner for Jolene and me. (Jolene's b-day is 9/26 - same as Curtis') It was really nice to eat a meal that I didn't cook or have to pay for!! I was suppose to go dancing with the girls at band night... but after dinner I came home and fell asleep waiting for the dryer to dry my clothes... does that mean I am getting old?

Sunday was pretty quiet... but I was still in the exhausted mode... that is what happens when I have time off... I have a HUGE list of things I want to get done... but I end up getting NOTHING done... but R&R that is... I sat on the couch and watched chick flicks... I kept telling myself as soon as this movie is over I will get up and work on some project... never happened... until Tory , Brent and Abby showed up.... They brought me my Bday present... a little history first...

  1. My favorite color is blue.
  2. I collect blue and white china
  3. Tory and I stopped at a garage sale last week and I saw this beautiful old table painted blue...

Well....Tory and Brent bought me the blue table... I let is sit in the living room until I decided where I wanted it... I finally moved it to the dinning room last night to try it out... this morning I brought in my spider plant from the back patio and dug out some of my nick nakcs from the old house and set up my table... in it's permanent home.... THANK YOU so much Tory and Brent I really.... really love my table... doesn't it look good where it is at... I really am having fun turning my house into MY HOME!!

This morning is nice and quiet.... I was sitting here on my couch contemplating all the things I have to get done today... watching a rerun of 3rd Watch... I looked up and noticed the beautiful scene out my front window... as I sat here looking out the window... I thought that is just so pretty I should snap a picture... and there on my coffee table sat my camera.... so I grabbed it and snapped.... the fall colors of the leaves is what first caught my eye. The breeze was blowing the leaves so the colors were all convoluted together to make the beautiful shade I call FALL!

Okay.. gotta go!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

27 things I love about you!!

Happy Birthday Curtis!!
In honor of your 27th Birthday I decided to compile a list of 27 things I love about you!

  1. You are Smart

  2. Very good looking

  3. You love your wife

  4. You are very talented with computers

  5. You are very responsible

  6. You are very helpful when I call with my "Computer Issues"

  7. You survived CANCER

  8. You are honest and have integrity

  9. You are a hard worker

  10. You support your wife in her endeavours

  11. You love your fireworks...

  12. You have GREAT taste in women (I love you too Stef!!)

  13. You are helpful when you visit me

  14. You are an awesome Uncle to Abby

  15. You are an awesome brother... to all your brothers and sisters

  16. You babysat A LOT when you were a kid!!

  17. You're and Indigo Child

  18. You were such a good baby... and a fun little boy!

  19. You are a math whiz...

  20. You are easy going

  21. You love rock and roll and always have!!

  22. You love your gaming...

  23. You have wisdom and patience

  24. You answer your phone when I call... and you know all I have is a computer question!

  25. You drive while you are visiting me... to give me a break!!

  26. You love your Mom!

  27. And, mostly because... You are You!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


BLOG JUMPING is my new past time!! I love it!! Here is how you do it... go to one of your regular blogs... jump to one of their links... and continue on... and on and on....

This week while BLOG JUMPING I have:
1. Found a friend I have not talked to in over 32 years...
2. Met a gal who just lost her best friend Burkitt's Lymphoma... that's the same cancer Curtis had...
3. I have left little notes on other people's blogs...letting them know what I liked about their blog... Passing it forward!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Fall

The days are growing shorter.... the morning air is cool and crisp... the golden rod is blooming and I am sneezing A LOT... Besides the sneezing I do love Missouri in the fall. The sky becomes so blue against the colors of the changing leaves... it's just so picturesque. The scarecrow is in my front yard... I just planted the mums and I can't wait for them to bloom... I have a yellow, a purple and an orange. I have some pumpkins I painted I need to dig out and add the my little fall display. For those who are interested there are some pictures of my living room. I painted it a calming but friendly green. The old winds against the wall are going to be picture frames for pictures of my kids and the big leaded window will be hung above the couch. Melissa keeps bugging me to get the pictures hung.... I think she wants the house to look more like our home.... I need to get an area rug for the living room too. But they are expensive so I will have to wait for that... Since the previous tenants FINALLY moved all of their stuff out of the basement I have been busy cleaning and and organizing the basement. The other day I went into the scariest spot in my home... under the basement stairs... The cobwebs were thick. I got the shop vac and they all disappeared... along with several crickets. During the cleaning I found an antique oval frame with an antique picture of a little girl. The frame and picture have been under there for a long long time.... The house is only about 35 years old, so the picture was put there by a previous tenant... I know the family that moved into the house when it was brand new. I will ask them first if the picture is theirs... Okay here are the pictures of my living room...

This view is from the dining room looking into the living room. I want to find an antique or vintage dresser to put the TV on. The floors are lighter than they photographed...

This is the front door and entry area... I need to recover those chairs...

This is the view from the front can see my large leaded window. The window was pulled out of an old house in Darlington, MO before is was distroyed. I just love it. Just think of all the stories that window could tell if we could look through it and see what it witnessed... That sounds like the beginning of a good book or movie... hmm. Anyone know a writer?


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

#1 KC Chiefs FAN

Isn't she just too cute!! Tory came by on Sunday with Abby in her KC Chiefs cheerleader outfit. Tory and I set up a quick shoot. We grabbed her boppy and placed it in one of my wing back chairs, threw a black cloth over the whole thing.... and with Tory making a fool out of herself to get Abby to smile... I snapped pictures.... I think this was the 3rd or 4th shot!! Again... isn't she just too cute!

Photography Challenge

I found a website that has photography challenges every 2 weeks. I jumped in on this weeks challenge... to me it was a tad bit difficult to find the right shot. Here is the challenged "Contre-jour is a french term meaning "against the light". Take a photo that exploits lighting and plays with under and over-exposed areas to dramatic effect - in other words, the opposite of HDR approaches, which try to compress the range of contrast." This challenge was harder than it sounds.... I looked for days. Then yesterday afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun came out... I looked out the window and saw this bright green spot on a tree... I grabbed my camera and went outside... my initial idea didn't work out. But, I found this one before the sun was gone again. I have uploaded it to the website forum, I have not heard if I got the assignment right or not... I will let you know as soon as I do....

I think I got the right idea with this shot.... see how the sunshine makes those few leaves pop while the shade is hiding the other leaves?