Tuesday, November 09, 2010

the busy cook

One of the effects of watching cooking shows is that you want to cook.. or bake... or just create something good to eat... so that is what I did today...

I have heard over and over about how delicious brioche is. So I did a search on google for brioche and found an easy recipe on the Epiqurious website... Brioche is a wonderfully light, butter and eggy bread. Hopefully mine will turn out.... If not I can always try again next week! The next thing I decided to tackle was to use up some of these end of the season tomatoes Gene brought over for me so I made some cooked salsa. I have made fresh pico de gallo all summer long but I have never made cooked and bottled salsa so I put a batch on the stove.... It turned out pretty good! Not spicy like I like it but it is for the group home so I can't have it too spicy. I then turned my sights one lunch and tried my hand at homemade chicken nuggets... well that recipe can be deleted they tasted horrible... We all ate them for lunch so they weren't that bad!! I must admit I was missing a few of the ingredients, so to be fair I will have to try it one more time when I have all the ingredients on hand!!

Tomorrow I think I may just attempt baking powder biscuits... not something I have made from scratch since I was in 7th grade home ec class... if I remember correctly I did get an A on my biscuits!!

Today I must admit I am putting poor Suzie Homemaker to shame!! The kitchen is even all cleaned up!! I need a nap... but no time.. I have to hit the shower and off to see client!! Woot!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

giving thanks is not just for thanksgiving

Give Thanks. Start Today. It's Every Day

1. I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. I am thankful for my amazing best friend and the man I love... Steve

3. I am thankful for children for the joy they bring into my life

4. I am thankful for friendships with people I have met ALL over the world thru the Internet... I have made some amazing friendships with people I may never meet in person... but who I will always call my friends...

5. I am thankful for the talents that have been blessed to me and how they help me make it thru this earthly life...

6. I am thankful for you.

One more day to serve. One more hour to love. One more minute to praise. For this day I am grateful. If I awaken to the morning sun, I am grateful. ~Mary Lou Kownacki