Friday, April 07, 2006

Home Improvement

After a tornado and hail storm struck our little town and did a tremendous about of damage to our home.... we decided to remodel our home... Did we just update a room or 2, heck no we added 15' to the back of our home and are remodeling the entire inside.

Our home was built in the 20' s or 30's and not much has really been done to it since... well someone did put dark paneling up over the lath and plaster that is falling off the walls, and drop ceilings were put into protect your head from the plaster falling off the ceilings.

In most of the rooms we are restoring the high ceilings to give the feeling of the rooms being larger than they are... we moved the kitchen and added a bathroom. We are also adding a master suite... We are using the attic space and creating a bonus room. I was hoping it was going to be my studio, but we still have kids at home... so I will just have to wait until they are all gone then I will take over.

With the consturction going on my time on the computer is limited. I have to get up early before everyone else does so I can have peace and quiet. I should be working, but this is the time I take to play... update my blog and scrapbook resume. Create fun things like animated name signatures.... I just love quiet sping mornings....