Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Abby is Here!!

After a pretty quick labor...but a long delivery...ending up with a c-section, Abby is here!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Softball and Skinned Knees

School is just about out for the year and summer softball league has begun. Melissa's first game of the season was last night, it was a double header, so it was a very long night. We got home at 11:30 pm!! Her regular position is center field... She loves playing in "her" position. Coaches usually put her there because she can throw from center field to the pitcher and I have even seen her throw all the way to home plate. Last night she was called in to pitch. She hasn't pitched a game since 8th grade. She was a tad bit rusty at first...but as the game wore on the better she got into her groove.... the girls did really well. They won their first game, but not their second. It was fun to watch softball again. Along with softball comes skinned knees. As you can see that Melissa plays ball with her whole heart and sole!! She sacrifices her body to make a catch or just to stop a ball!! This morning she was a tad bit sore. Good thing the weather has warmed up so that she could wear shorts to school. We are looking to more games...I am not so sure she is looking forward to more pitching....
Update on Tory: Tory was once again admitted to the hospital. On Wednesday she was having a little bit of spotting. She called Dr. Feuerbacher and he wanted to see her. Tory began to pass blood clots...the doctor admitted her to the hospital. Last night they planned on doing an amniocentesis this morning and they wanted a family member to drive the sample down to St. Luke's in Kansas City. If a family member delivers the sample the hospital will process it faster and we would get the results sooner. The amnio was to be done at 9:00am and I was going to drive the sample down... This morning when Dr. Holman came in to do the amnio and they couldn't find a nice pocket of fluid without going thru the placenta. So driving to I stayed and relaxed with Tory and Brent. At 11:00 am we all took a nap. So for now Tory will probably stay in the hospital until May 23rd, when they will induce her!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wow! What a Week!!

Saturday night at about midnight I received a call from Tory... she had gone to the bathroom and found some blood. Not a ton... but enough to worry. Brent, Sonya (Brent's Mom) and I, packed up Tory and headed off to the hospital in Maryville... (45 minutes away). When we got there they quickly got a sonogram done and found a small place where her placenta was pulling away from her uterus. They put on belly bands to monitor Abby. She was doing fine... she was not showing any stress at all....Tory was having some contractions, but small ones. Her Doctor kept her on bed rest in the hospital and by Sunday afternoon it looked like the bleeding had stopped. Tory remained in the hospital and had to lay on her side until Wednesday. The poor thing did get to eat but once a day for the first 2 days...just in case she had to have an emergency C-Section.

The doctors are hoping with modified bed rest, Abby will stay put until May 22nd. They want Tory to come back to the hospital and be induced then. The reason for her being induced is the fear that if she goes into labor on her own the placenta may begin to tear off 100% and that would not be good, being 45 minutes away from the OB hospital.

As of tonight I think I have caught up on all my sleep... I am getting old because I have been so tired all week long. I know that part of my exaustion is that I have been worried about Tory and Abby... Your calls and emails letting me know that you are thinking and praying for Tory has helped so thanks so much!!

Much love,

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friends & Family ~ You're Invited

To all family and friends... if you are in town on May 18th... please stop in at Tory's Graduation Reception. It is going to be a simple BBQ.... lots of food, family and friends...and YOU!!