Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 Months old.... Allready!!

BOY! How time flies.... It seemed just like last week that spring was finally here and school was coming to an end. But it's been three months and and school is back in session and we've had Abby here that long. Each day she continues to get more and more adorable... I love the picture with her tongue sticking out... a little girl with attitude... hmmm I wonder where she gets it from?

Tory had "Advantage Week" at school. Freshman orientation and such... so I picked up Abby on Thursday. Kept her all night and of course while I had her I took her 3 month portraits.... It's was hard trying to get the perfect shot by myself... Last week was fun when I was taking her pictures because I was just goofing around... I did get some cute shots this week, how could I not when Abby is so cute... Do I sound like a deranged Nana or what... I have noticed a pattern that all I have been posting are pictures of Abby. I do need to get a life don't I? Besides work and Abby that is all I do... Tonight I am going to Melissa's 1st school softball game of the season so I will take some pictures there of Mel!!

I am actually reading a book... I have had a pile of them sitting next to my bed for years waiting for me to take time to read them.... well I think I finally decided that I MUST read a book for my own sanity... When I was at Wal-Mart last week I saw the book Twilight in paperback for $8.88. Since the book is all the rage right now I decided to buy it and make time for me to read. I started it on Saturday and I actually could not put it down... I was at work so I had to, to take care of my client.... But when she was watching TV or taking a nap I was reading. No I didn't finish it in 1 day...I am taking my time. Yesterday was my 3rd day reading and I am on page 224 of 498, so not quite half way done.... I went to St. Joe on Sunday and I had to work in Maryville on Monday... so my reading time has been limited... and last night "The Closer" was on and I HAD to watch that.... I will get more reading in today...just watch!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nana Time with Miss Abby

Everyone has GOT to know that Abby can NOT spend any amount of time with me without getting her picture taken. Tory didn't feel well one day last week so I had Abby for a while.... I was nice I did share her with her Nana Sonya!!

Abby was such a happy little girl when I snapped all of these. I recently got a GREAT deal from eBay on a new to me, but used speed light for my camera... Oh what fun am I going to have now!! I use to hate to take pictures indoors with a flash because the flash would wash out your subject especially if you go too close... I still need to play a little more to figure the whole thing out... but so far I just love it... Abby does too because the new flash doesn't quite blind her so bad... I usually have it bounce off a wall or the ceiling so it's not right in her face!!

Her profile is just adorable.... I know I am prejudice...

Can't wait for all the giggles to come from behind all her smiles!!
Even grunged up she is adorable!!
I was trying to get a shot of her holding up her head... but just the eyes works!!
Okay I know I am a bad Nana for plugging her into the TV... But hey I got my shower and she didn't cry at all while I was gone!! So there!!

Kellie Pickler Concert

Last night Kellie Pickler was in St. Joseph.... I went down with a group of 20 or so people with disabilites... I took my gal AP.... we had such a great time.... We..... well I... hooted and hollered.... and I wasn't going to just let our group just sit there and watch the concert... If it was a good song and the crowd was up and clapping anyone from our group that wanted to get up and dance or clap well I was up with them... Ashton Sheppard opened up the show and she was great because she really got us up and going.... I am a fan of Kellie, don't get me wrong, but I was somewhat dissapointed in her performance... I thought it would be more up beat... she sang a lot of ballads... Did did sing her new single "Don't You Know You're Beautiful", I really love that song... Her last song was "Red High Heels", I wish she would have opened with that one because it is fun and up beat!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Photoshop Challenge

I belong to a photography forum.... I have been so busy this summer I have not visited it much this month. Yesterday I dropped in and checked out what was going on. They now have a Photoshop challenge. A member posts a picture and then we as members use our creativity and photoshop talents to alter the photo...

Here is the original photo:

Here is what I came up with: