Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prom ~ 2008

This is Melissa's first time going to prom. She went dress shopping back in February and found her dress. She went with friends so I was a little apprehensive when she call me from Kansas City to tell me she found the perfect dress. When I saw the dress on the hanger.... I was still unsure. But when I saw the dress on her I had to agree... it was perfect. The color and the bling on it made it look elegant on her.... After all the foo fooing...eye brows waxed, hair, nails, make up , fake eyelashes... Melissa was wondering if she really wanted to go.... But in the end she looked just beautiful and was excited to go. Here in the back woods the our community really gets together to put on a nice prom for the kids.... The Senior Parents organize a dinner for the kids. This year the prom theme was Tahitian Nights... a local restaurant closed for regular business for 1.5 hours and the parents went in a decorated with a beachy feel. After the kids have eaten is Promenade time. Promenade is held at the high school gym... all the attendees are introduced to the crowd and we get to see all the girls in their gowns and the guys all dressed up in their tuxes. After promenade it's off to prom.... the past several years Prom has been at off school location. The Junior Class do ALL the decorating for prom. They have help from several teachers. I didn't go down and peek this year...but previous yeas I have helped or just peeked and an outstanding job is done with the decorations.... When prom is over.... then comes AFTER Prom. The Junior Class parents are in charge of putting this on.... This year they had carnival type games; ping pong ball toss, cake walks, bingo, etc... For entertainment they had a hypnotist. They are always fun to watch...and funny too! Melissa tried but she couldn't let go enough. She told me she was self conscience with the crowd. Melissa and I got home at 3:30 am. I am way to old to be up so late... I slept in the next day...but I was still grumpy. Nice to know that Melissa was too!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weigh in Day!!

Today was weigh in day for the biggest looser! I went in and weighed and I was thinking that I had gained and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had lost 2 more pounds!! After April 8th weigh in I was in 8th place of 105 people!! My total weight loss is 20.4 pounds since January 15th. We have 6 more weeks to go!! It really has not been difficult to do... slow and steady. I have cut out a lot of my junk food... like pop, chips and fried foods. No more Casey's pizza. I am trying to eat at least 3 balanced meals a day with lots of fruits and veggies. My summer clothes are going to be too big if I keep this up!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Don't over look the small things. I was walking with one of my clients this week, and as I looked down I saw this tiny weed sprout fighting it's way up through the crack in the asphalt. I felt so moved by that little sprout. Sometimes I feel just like that little sprout, so small and fighting to find myself in a huge dark and scary world. I feel growth and sometimes it comes too fast and I feel overwhelmed... other times I am so impatient I want it NOW!! I know that all things come at the right time and when I am ready for them. "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:" ECCLESIASTES 3:1

This little guy also falls into my "GREEN" theme...


Saturday, April 19, 2008


I recently have been blog surfing. It's kind of interesting. At the top of most Blogger blogs there is a "next blog" link and it randomly moves you to another blog. I sat for hours one day just blog surfing. I have read about the lives, loves hopes, dreams and tragedies of people I have never met and I probably will never meet. I blogs...I have found some incredibly talented people and have bookmarked their blogs... I found crafters, artists, painters and photographers. The one blog I found that inspired me was from a photographer that had done photographic studies of colors. Each week or so he would pick a color and take pictures featuring that color. He felt that it made the photographer look and see items that they otherwise not see. I have decided to try my hand at it... I have chosen the color green to start with. I miss the color so much. I am so tired of white and gray... I am sure that in a few months when the weather is unbearable hot I will miss them... but for now I will celebrate green.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Favorite Things...Today

1. My computer... when I am feeling lonely I can get get lost in reading blogs or just surfing looking for creative ideas. Pretty soon I am feeling less lonely, because I have read about my family and I have an idea of something I can create... as long as I have the supplies.

2. My camera... I love my digital camera. I love to take pictures. I love stopping time and capturing the moments...

3. My Cricut machine... more technology and tools to express my creativity.

4. Sunshine!! This winter has been so cold and hard. I went to Melissa's track meet yesterday and got a sunburn on my face. This morning when I saw my red puffy face in the mirror... I actually smiled at myself, because I know that warmer days of sunshine are coming...but, still not fast enough for me.

5. Tomorrow. What ever happens today, I know that I have a fresh new day tomorrow to try again...

6. Music... what can I say. When I am stressed is sooths the soul. When I am CrAzy it tames the wild beast. When I am blue I turn it up loud and it picks me up and energizes me and it makes me smile .

7. Ice cream... it always tastes so yummy. Wanna make me smile, bring me ice cream!!

8. Flowers.... all types and all colors mixed together in a beautiful bouquet.

9. Summer rain showers... walking in the rain when it's a warm shower. Stomping and splashing in puddles along the way. Why? Because it makes you laugh!!

10. Blue and white china... Blue is my favorite color. It brings back memories of my youth at my Grandma Coppa's home. She had blue and white willow wear as her everyday dishes. Plus each pieces of my collection of shabby chic blue and white china has memories of how they were acquired. Some were given to me as gifts from a loved one or they were purchased on a trip I took with a close friend or family member and had a great time. Others, were purchased when I went off by myself for the day.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Meet Little Miss Abby!!

She is still in the womb...but she loves to get her picture taken. When Tory got the second ultra sound done Abby was laying face up. It also looked like she waved at us... She is so precious!! It is amazing how ultra sounds have improved thru the years... At one point during the ultra sound the technician passed over her face and it was like you could just reach down and kiss her!! It brought a tear to my eye!! I am really starting to get excited about her arrival. Tory has had her baby shower where all her high school friends came... She had to have me do the invites because she had to have cute invites in Abby's baby book.... I found one she like on the internet and so we made them.... you can see it by CLICKING HERE. Tory had to help get those ones together. I cut them all out and she put them together... She did the stamping and coloring in!! Actually Brent helped her with the coloring....

When we got those done... I had to start on the invitations for the shower being given by me and Brent's family. Why do I get myself into these projects!! I thought the invite I picked looked to be more simple than the onesie... Well it wasn't.... It was just as much work and I had to make more... I made 85 invitations... You can see this one by CLICKING HERE. Oh man these were a lot of work... but they are adorable!!
On another good note...
Today was weigh in for the "Biggest Loser"... I lost another 4.7 pounds. Making my total 18.4 pounds!! I am really not dieting. Just watching how much junk I eat and trying to eat more healthy!! Whoooo Hoooo!! I hope my summer clothes fit.... I can't afford to but new clothes right now! And, of course I just went thru my clothes and got rid of everything that was too small...that would fit now!!
Melissa's Dr. heard something funny in her heart... we just went down to Children's Mercy last week and had an echo cardiogram done and her heart is perfect. The Dr. said that she could drink more water..... We are blessed!!