Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Very Busy Fall!

It just seemed like last week was the first day of fall! And, now the holiday season is just around the corner! Whew! Time sure flies... Fall began with my birthday!! It took a friend to remind me how old I was turning... I thought for sure I was turning 45, alas I was only turning 44. So for my birthday present I gained a whole YEAR!!

In October I got to meet my great nephew Weston!! and see is awesome Mom, Nicole and his grandma Karen!! Weston was so fun to see and play with, his signing has got to be the coolest way I have seen a baby communicate!!

While Karen, Nicole and Weston where here in MO we went to Amish Country and the Amish stores, we visited most of the Church historical sites; Adam-on-di-Amon, the Liberty Jail and the Independence Visitors Center, the final place we went to was to take Weston to Weston, MO. Weston is a historic little town with quaint little shops. We found lots of signs to pose Weston next to. This one is my favorite!

In early November, Tory and I hopped on a plane and headed to CA to take some Senior Portraits. I took her and Mckennon portrits down at La Jolla Cove. And Kimberly's up in Oceanside. We were only in CA for a few days so I didn't even try to see too many people. The only thing I didn't get to see that I wanted to was the destruction from the So. CA fires up in Valley Center. I did get to go to the Carlsbad Street fair where I had fun taking pictures of "California Characters". Those unique individuals that just don't fit in the Mid West.
Here are a few pictures of my Seniors!! First my beautiful daughter Tory.

My handsome nephew Mckennon....

My beautiful niece Kimberly...

Happy Fall to All....

Meg in MO