Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tuesday afternoon I weighed in for Albany's Biggest Loser.... and yes I lost some weight. I lost 8.1 lbs!!!!.I knew I had lost at least 5 because I had gotten on the scale at the Dr.'s office and I was down at least 5 lbs. I was happy with that.... so when the official scale said 8 I was ecstatic.... my friends are probably hating me right now because you know me...I have to tell everyone.... sometimes more than once... Just ask Melissa....I told her 3 times!!

Oh well... My next goal is to make it to the gym 3 times a week and exercise for 15 minutes. I can do more, but my goal is 3 times. Now when to start this new goal!! I keep putting it off!! Life is SO busy with kids and work and paper work and busy work and TV!! Yes TV I have to watch my shows... wait the only shows I watch now are on Fridays, Ghost Whisperer and Sundays, Masterpiece Theater.

Okay I call Uncle... I will start tomorrow morning... I will get off at 7:00 am. I will take Mel to school and instead of driving home I will drive to the gym...which is right across the street. But at 17* I am not going to walk. I am so tired of being cold. Maybe I have been colder because I LOSY 8 pounds of blubber....hmmmm may be I should like being cold, because it means I am getting skinnier... I am tired and sounding pretty silly at this point. I am off to bed... Love to all who take the time to read my crazy thoughts on my blog....


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Albany's Biggest Loser - Week 1

Jan 15 - Start date and weigh in of the Albany Missouri Biggest Loser - Team Challenge. I have 5 other women on my team.

Looking at that scale with a witness and facing the challenge I am in for. Oh boy that was not fun!!

Day 1 - I think I did really well today.... I ate very healthy and only fudged by eating a couple of bites of ciniamon roll!! For dinner I made home made chicken veggie pizza.... It was yummy and I only ate a small slice...not half the pizza. For lunch I ate some diet pasta food that tasted pretty good and a bunch of broccoli. I am not huge on salads especailly in the winter... so I am going to be eating a bunch of steamed broccoli. I have found that I can skip the butter if I use lemon pepper instead... really is yummy!! I need to get working on my exercise and drinking more water.... I am about up to 1/2 of what I should be drinking... I ate the having to go to the bathroom all the time!! Memories of pregnancy!! Tomorrow I will make time to work out.... 15 minutes is all I am asking myself to start out with.... I ended my day with a mug of diet hot cocoa!! I am off to bed.....