Monday, June 16, 2008

A Happy Father's Day

In preparation for Father's Day, Tory and I had a 4 hour photo shoot with Abby. I had one pose in mind just for Father's Day, while Tory has some poses in mind for her birth announcement... The results were precious. You can see for yourself! I made a collage of 3 tie pictures just for Brent, and yesterday I made the sepia "I'm a Daddy's girl, Deal with it!" For Brent too, then I worked on the Happy Father's Day picture for Grandpa Abreu and Hal (Brent's dad), I also printed out some of the tie pictures for the grandpa''s

Last night we had Grandma and Grandpan and Hal and Sonya (Brent's parents) over for dinner. Our first company in the new house. It was fun to have people over again. After dinner we had a game of "Scene it", that was fun! All in all it was a very nice day!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ten Little Fingers and Toes

Abby has already been home for 2 weeks now. It's amazing how time flies and how much she is changing. Tory and Brent are doing such a fantastic job. My favorite time is in the morning, because, I go and get her from Tory and we have Nana time. We sit on the couch and we discuss important girl stuff. We have breakfast together and share our plans for the day. At first, Abby only wanted to eat, sleep and poop... But that is starting to change. She is starting to be more alert and to focus her eyes on things. Speaking of eyes, her eyes are still blue... We are hoping they stay that way. They are getting lighter, rather than darkening to brown. Brent and both his parents all have blue eyes, so hey it's a possibility.