Sunday, September 20, 2009

Personal Prayer Project Day #3

Morning prayers said without any PROCRASTINATION.... yipee!! But once again... right in the middle "tinkle" "tinkle" goes my cell phone... but hey... baby steps...

Life is good what can I say.... with each prayer I am feeling more relaxed and comfortable. I sometimes have so many thoughts running thru my head that I don't know what to say first... I guess having too much to say is better than nothing at all... I am eager now to get on my knees and share my day with my Heavenly Father... thinking about all my many many blessing is also a good way to start and end a day... hard to have a bad day when you list all your blessings!! I am still having a hard time remembering to say night prayers...but I have not forgotten yet.. so there is still hope for me...

Last night went dancing... LOL this old lady can still bust a move!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Personal Prayer Project Day#2

Today was a good day.... I feel good about myself because I am being obedient in doing what I should. I did procrastinated in saying my morning prayers... But I DID get them in...

*Note to self: TURN CELL PHONE to quiet... hard to concentrate on prayer when you have a text message waiting.

I will have to admit that I almost... well I did forget to say my prayers. Thanks to a late night call from a friend... and during our conversation we talked about prayer... and right in the middle I remembered... Oh I felt bad. When the phone call was over I jumped out of bed and said my prayers...

I need to work on feeling more comfortable when saying my personal prayers... I feel I need to relax and just say what is in my heart... No one but Heavenly Father is listening... When I think about it... I am just so happy when my kids come to me and tell me about their life. I don't care in what order they tell me... or the words they choose to use... and I am sure that Heavenly Father is just happy that I have finally come to him to share my daily thoughts with him

I just need to relax and talk... Like that is difficult for me.

Day tow = Successful


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Personal Prayer Project Day #1

Last night while I was teaching Seminary... I had the great idea... to challenge the kids to say their prayers twice a day and journal about it... I even gave them the option to SKIP doing the Seminary homework if they did the Personal Prayer Project... When giving your class a challenge.. there is usually a double reason... they students need it... but the teacher needs it MORE!!

Day 1... has started out fantastic... the day is full... but I am on top of it with a smile and giggle... I can feel the spirit with me my heart is just so full!!

The blessing of day One was my heart stayed full all day long... I just felt so blessed!! I have good friends that are always available for a laugh and pick me up... I also had a VERY productive day!! I worked constantly on getting things done and caught up... I have a long way to go to be all caught up!!

Day One = Sucessful