Saturday, February 14, 2015

..the giving game (ad some fun into your relationship)

 ... It's so easy to get into the "what's in it for me mode" these days. We hear it all around us. Sometimes we have to do something for someone else "just because" to break us out of the selfish mode...

The giving game is just a little thing I came up with for Steve and I to play... We all know about the 5 Languages of Love (gifts, affirmations, service, physical touch and time) and how important it is to feel loved in your language. What I have learned being married to my best friend is that ALL 5 languages are important to show to have a GREAT marriage. Neither Steve and I are the GREATEST gift givers... YET we both love to get little gifts that show the other has listened and payed attention to the things we like.
So here is how the game works...

1. Find a small box (this one was purchased for $1 and measures 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.5)
2. Take turns finding a little something under $5 to put in the box.
3. No time limits, but a month turn around time sounds good to me.

...Steve used this little box for my Valentine's Gift and that is what sparked the idea. I was so tickled to get this little inexpensive toy... how fun would it be to find something for Steve and give the box back...and voila! The Givine Game was born!!