Saturday, December 20, 2008

BLOG Design is FUN!!

On Friday I was stuck at my group home, with no place to go and nothing to do...because of the ice storm staff could not relieve me... I got my client all warm and toasty.. and content taking a nap and I set off to work...Being blogger and an avid blog hopper...probably more blog hopper than blogger... but I always love to look at all the creative backgrounds on the blogs... the really cute once usually come from one certain website... Well I started thinking what if I used Aimee Asher clip art... I could have the cutest blog on the block!!So I sat here and did my research... the html code I needed and the size of the images and such... I created sized or recolored and re posted until I got it just right!! And I did it!!If you'd like to check it out...CLICK HERE to check it out!!I am so excited I am ready to make another new one...


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here is one of the fun shots we took last week!! I just love it!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel....

Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

Tis this season to be...just adorable....
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

Isn't this picture of Abby just too cute...?

I know Abby is going to hate this one when she is a teenager...

Abby is now 6 months old!! And sitting up...well almost that is.. she will balance for a few minutes then over she goes!!

Our Thanksgiving was nice... We had Eric, Jolene and Angel, Christy, Tory, Brent and Abby, Nila and Gene, Angela and myself... Melissa had to work... so she had gone earlier in the day and ate with Tory, Brent and Abby at Brent's family dinner... We had lots of yummy food and I wanted to play games...but after dinner I was too tired... so I plopped my bum on the couch and watched TV... Everyone was tired too... so it was fine....

Saturday we had a photo fest... I set up the black back drop in the basement and I took over 700 photos... of what you ask... several shots of every configuration of people and pets... Christy and Melissa & Angel, Christy and Angel, Melissa and Goober, Christy and Duchess, Tory, Abby, Angel, Melissa and Christy... you get the idea... Then we did Tory, Abby and Brent.... I have not even had the time to look at ALL the shots... I obviously looked at the ones that popped out at me!! During the week I had to create 5 Christmas cards for family and friends, so that kept me a bit busy... Those creations will be posted on my meginmo blog!!

If the weather stays like it has been the past week, we should have a white Christmas... It can get as cold as it wants to this year... I have a wood stove in my basement and it keeps my home so warm and toasty....My house temp on the average is 73*... sometimes it gets too warm!! I have a good friend that supplies me with firewood... We are trading family photos for fire wood... works for me!! I just have to get Melissa to help me keep it going... She is getting better at it!!