Saturday, December 15, 2007


My sister Beth and her hubby Frank moved to Chicago in September. Beth has been wanting me to come and visit since they moved. With going to Jefferson City, MO and Nicole and Karen visiting MO in October, then Tory and I going to CA in November..... I finally made my plans to go and visit Beth in December. The ice storm last week I was worried that I would not make it.... Beth and Frank would be upset with me as part of my Christmas present was to go to the Oriental Theater in downtown Chicago and see WICKED!! Beth, Frank, Me and Frank's sister Joann first went to dinner at Petterino's, a fancy Italian restaurant a block from the theater.... It was one of those restaurants that you see on TV that have character drawing of famous people... some signed by the famous person some not!! The food was awesome! My dinner started with a Cesar salad, followed by the main course of Steak Diane.... and for dessert the richest and most decadent chocolate cake I have had in a long time.... After dinner I wished that the theater was about 4 blocks away... enough to take the fullness from dinner away.... But since it was so cold out side the block away was a nice quick walk. The architecture of the Oriental Theater is just amazing. This picture I found on the Internet does not do it justice.... Very ornate theater. The musical itself was just awesome. The story line and music kept you wanting more. I never felt board or that the story line lagged. Knowing the story of the Wizard of Oz it was fun making the connections from this story to the one I grew up on.
While I have been here in Chicago I have been able to get a lead on my Christmas shopping. Living where unique shops are fare and few.... it's been fun to shop! I will have some packaging and mailing to get ready.... but I soon will be done.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Icy Ice Storm....

Wow... I have survived my first Ice Storm!! What a beautiful but eerie world the ice creates. In the wee hours of the morning (4am) I laid in my bed listening to the loud CRACKS...then the swishing and slashing as the ice covered branch makes it's way to the ground.... When the day light began to creep up I opened my blinds so I could watch the branches crashing down... at about 5 am Melissa came to lay in bed with me and together we listened to the storm at the same time we remembered the HUGE branch that covers the area where I park my car.... Eric has my van and Tory has been letting me drive her car (2002 Pontiac Grand AM GT) and didn't think about the branch as I came home at 11 pm the last night... I was much more worried about making it home. The highway was extremely icy and I all almost didn't make it to the top of South Hill.... When I made it home I parked the car and got myself safely into the house. Okay back to Melissa and I listening to the storm and talking about ALL the branches falling. At the same time we both think about the HUGE branch that I parked Tory's car under "oh crud" I exclaim as...I jump from bed throw on my jeans and grab my winter coat and some slippers and run to the front door.... When I walk out side it is still pretty dark, I look up and see that I am too late the branch has fallen... when I look at Tory's car I can see that the main part of the branch has missed her car... as I walk up closer I can see the somehow the branch has completely missed her can see the picture of where her car WAS parked. I am not doing everything right in my life...but I must be doing something right. Just as day breaks so does the power. Bummer no power means NO HEAT!! Melissa got up and went exploring and took some of these pictures. When she got back I took my turn at snapping some shots of our world of ice. The power came back on for just an hour or so and then stayed off until about 3 pm. When the temperature of my house dropped to 63* I went out to the shed and pulled out the generator and looked for some gas cans... none in site...gotta love my kids. I went down to the feed/NAPA store to buy one. Their power was out and I asked if they would just send me a bill or if I could come back the next day and pay for

them. They clerk took down my name and address and I took my gas cans to the gas station that had power and filled them up!! I couldn't pull started rope the generator fast enough to get it to start so called Tory's boyfriend to come give me a hand... we weren't having much luck when the son of my friends drives by, Josh is a mechanic and all around helpful kid. I wave him down and he pulls in. He can't get the generator started either, so he loads it up and takes it down to his house. Replaces the spark plug, cleans the carburetor and brings it back....just as power is restored. But that is one of the main reasons I LOVE living in a small town... There is always someone to help you when there is a crisis. I am sure Josh or some other helpful folks will be back around to help me remove ALL the limbs from my yard!!

The picture of the pine tree is one that is across the street at the community center. That is how powerful a little bit of ice can be. It just snapped this tree right off!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Tory has been accepted to....

Tory has been accepted as a Freshman for the Fall 2008 year at Northwest Missouri University. She received her acceptance letter Thursday, Dec. 6th. She ran into the house and threw the package from NW at me and said open it I think I've been accepted, then she left the room. It took me a minute to find the page that had the acceptance information on it... Not only has she been accepted to NW but she has also already recieved a $1500 scholarship!! Yippee... She really wants to major in graphic arts, but she has such a talent with elementary age children, the pre-school teacher she cadet teaches for keeps reminder her of her talent. NW has several art degrees: BA Art; Art-B.S.Ed.Elementary-SecondaryArt; BFA - Graphic Design Specialization; BFA -Studio Specialization; Art-CSIS-Mass Comm- BS IDM Art Concentration. So she has a lot to choose from.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Weather

Winter weather has come to the mid-west. BRRRRR Saturday morning we woke up to an ice storm. There was a thin layer of ice all over everything.... I took the opportunity to stay home during the morning and I started baking some Christmas goodies... I made some granola, some Candy Bar Bars, and I made a layered brownies gift bag... When Karen and Nicole were here we found some tiny mini marshmallows at an amish coountry store. I want to make some Christmas Cocoa with the mini marshmallows and then add some little peppermint cooking pieces. Sounds yummy!! With then oven on most of the morning the house was nice and toasty and smelled yummy too...

Saturday night Melissa had a basketball game...the championship game to the Annual Albany Basketball Tournament. She is playing varsity this year and I love to go and watch her play.... Each game she is playing more and more. The weather warmed up and melted the ice so going to the game was not a big deal. The girls lost the game so they came away with 2nd place.... This picture is of Melissa taking a free throw shot.

Today I took my neighbors Christmas pictures.... their daughter has a fear of characters in sitting on Santa's lap is NOT happening.... well see what we did today..... we took pictures of Kenlyn with Santa.... After Christmas last year I purchased a Santa suit on clearance. I have been waiting a year to do this!! I know my lighting isn't great..... but I love the shots!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Very Busy Fall!

It just seemed like last week was the first day of fall! And, now the holiday season is just around the corner! Whew! Time sure flies... Fall began with my birthday!! It took a friend to remind me how old I was turning... I thought for sure I was turning 45, alas I was only turning 44. So for my birthday present I gained a whole YEAR!!

In October I got to meet my great nephew Weston!! and see is awesome Mom, Nicole and his grandma Karen!! Weston was so fun to see and play with, his signing has got to be the coolest way I have seen a baby communicate!!

While Karen, Nicole and Weston where here in MO we went to Amish Country and the Amish stores, we visited most of the Church historical sites; Adam-on-di-Amon, the Liberty Jail and the Independence Visitors Center, the final place we went to was to take Weston to Weston, MO. Weston is a historic little town with quaint little shops. We found lots of signs to pose Weston next to. This one is my favorite!

In early November, Tory and I hopped on a plane and headed to CA to take some Senior Portraits. I took her and Mckennon portrits down at La Jolla Cove. And Kimberly's up in Oceanside. We were only in CA for a few days so I didn't even try to see too many people. The only thing I didn't get to see that I wanted to was the destruction from the So. CA fires up in Valley Center. I did get to go to the Carlsbad Street fair where I had fun taking pictures of "California Characters". Those unique individuals that just don't fit in the Mid West.
Here are a few pictures of my Seniors!! First my beautiful daughter Tory.

My handsome nephew Mckennon....

My beautiful niece Kimberly...

Happy Fall to All....

Meg in MO