Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lessons from Enos

Enos was the son of Jacob and the grandson of Lehi
From reading the Book of Enos in the Book of Mormon I have learned lessons on prayer, repentance, revelations, blessing of the atonement and sharing my blessing with others!

Enos 1:4 My soul hungered...
When we are hungry for food we feel empty, weak, pain, anxious, a craving, unsatisfied and/or starving! When our soul hungers we are spiritually empty, our testimony may be week, we may have a desire to be filled spiritually.

How do we fill that hunger? Many many times when I am frustrated, feeling discouraged I like to listen to the Mormon Channel. It has never failed to have a message just for me and my situation. There are others whose stories have humbled me, encouraged me, inspired me and have been an answer to a prayer!

From reading how the word of Enos' father had sunk deep into his heart and how Enos had gotten on his knees, prayed and let Heavenly Father know of his desires; asked for the remission of his sins; for eternal life and how had joy of the saints.  It wasn't easy what Enos did. He had to wrestle before God, mentally and spiritually. He had to have a willingness to repent and make changes in his life and he had to exercise faith in Christ.

Enos' prayer made me think about what do I desire? Do I let the words of the prophets sink into my heart? What could make my prayers be better? How can I increase my faith in Christ? Are my prayers sincere?

This week in my prayer journal I going to record the results I have in praying by the example of Enos! 

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